“Customer-first” interfaces

To ensure a fully digital experience for end-users as well as office administrators, we offer two interfaces with a “customer-first” approach. Our administrative web interface provides city or parking operator employees with an efficient, simple and intuitive tool tailored to support them with daily administration processes. At the same time, it allows quick and effective management of permit regulations, zones, prices and many other factors.

The end-user web interface is a simple and intuitive tool which guides customers to the most important features and information. Thanks to its mobile-friendly design, customers can access this tool from any device to purchase and use their permits within minutes.

For cities and operators

  • Quick implementation process (1 month)
  • Efficient, hassle-free permit administration results in shorter lead times
  • Agile implementation of changes to prices and regulations 
  • Reduced credit risk and costs related to cash handling, as payments are handled by EasyPark

For drivers

  • Simple and trouble-free application process
  • Straightforward overview of permits and prices 
  • Convenient payment and significantly faster permit approval
  • No need to handle physical permits when every car has a license plate