EasyPark’s team of analysts can help cities to do just that by collecting the city’s parking data, building the analytics tool and rolling out smart parking solutions for the city and drivers.

The Supply

Determine how many parking spots are located in each tariff zone. Inspect different street segments and know what restrictions apply. Have an overview of all parking spots including EV charging, handicapped parking and loading zones.

The Demand

Have a clear view of which streets and areas are most congested and check the probability of finding a parking spot at any given time. Our algorithm determines the average amount of time visitors will need to circle the streets in order to find a parking spot. 

The process

  • We collect traffic restriction data and parking occupancy data on the ground using our geo-information software and the EasyPark Mapper app — GDPR compliant and highly accurate. 
  • We assess any existing live datasets such as transactions, weather and garage occupancy data and integrate them into our system. So occupancy calculations are made with no need for high initial investment or maintenance costs, and without compromising accuracy.
  • We release “Find & Park” in-app to the city and the city’s parking data into the Parking Dashboard, so the city and drivers can start using our services.
  • We measure results and optimize. Our analysts calculate which changes to the parking ecosystem will increase revenue and decrease parking search time.