We make parking easier

We make it easier to get to a destination and enjoy your time there by making parking simpler, faster and more convenient for drivers around the world.

EasyPark is a parking marketplace (we don't own spaces or lots). We help cities and parking operators optimize their parking spaces and garages. In doing so our technology reduces driving time and city congestion, which makes cities more accessible and reduces carbon emissions.

Why do we do it? We love creating solutions that add convenience to peoples' lives around the world. We love to help people save time to do more, enjoy more and achieve more.



The widespread usage of mobile phones gave birth to the vision of a mobile wallet. Our founding team was among the first companies in the world to facilitate payments through mobile devices.


EasyPark was awarded numerous patents related to mobile parking payments and digital parking enforcement.


Multi-purpose mobile wallet operations were launched.

2002 - 2003

EasyPark narrowed its focus from a general - purpose mobile wallet to parking. Our core focus was on business fleets.

2004 - 2005

EasyPark Group was formed. EasyPark's Swedish and Finnish companies merged with Norwegian and Danish entities.

2006 - 2007

EasyPark launched operations in Germany, the heart of the European automotive industry. A local German parking player was acquired in 2007.


Founder and CEO, Patric Mossberg stepped down, replaced by Johan Birgersson. Pay-by-text through SMS technology was launched. EasyPark was named a top-50 grower in Norway and was awarded 'Gasellforetag'.

2009 - 2010

EasyPark acquired mPaym in Norway in 2009 and Simopa in Denmark in 2010.


In the year of the iPhone, EasyPark launched its initial smartphone app, built on modern cloud-based architecture. We were the first app-based parking service to launch in the Nordics.


Verdane Capital became the new owners of EasyPark. Consumer-facing services were introduced. EasyPark acquired TelePark in Italy and was awarded the title of 'Mobile Service of the Year' in Finland.


Context-aware, location-based services were launched (v3 of the App). We acquired MobilZhalen in Germany and entered the Austrian market. City-related parking permit solutions were launched. Awarded Golden Mobile in Sweden. Included in Aftenposte's mobile app top 10 in Norway.


EasyPark partnered with Volvo. Parking payment services are now available in the infotainment system of the new Volvo fleet. Launched fully-automated parking for Daimler's car-sharing service, Car2Go. Made the top 10 in the newcomer category for Telematics Update Awards in Detroit together with Volvo.


Partnered with the Danish city of Frederiksberg to fully digitize parking processes - from street parking to automated vehicle number plate recognition (ANPR) for parking garages. Launched technology powering ticketless payment machines and sold parking top ups in stores. Awarded mCommerce Service of the Year in Denmark.

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