With the growing number of electric vehicles, parking serves a new function as a car charging spot. EasyPark wants to enable the electrification of cities by providing an easy way to pay for charging, both on the street and in garages.

Electric vehicle charging is an increasingly important element of infrastructure for both drivers and cities, and the trend is accelerating. The European Commission aims to have at least 30 million electric vehicles on the road by 2030. EasyPark plans to be part of this movement by providing a platform-independent solution for car charging payments, all over Europe. You can pay for your charging with a few clicks in the app, as simple as that.

Charging an electric vehicle also means parking it. What EasyPark can offer drivers is one single interface for convenient start, stop and extending of charging and parking transactions. Keeping both charging and parking together in one user flow means there is no need for dual user interfaces and separate flows and for drivers used to mobile parking the change of user behaviour is none. Through EasyPark’s wide coverage, EV drivers can be offered a convenient parking experience, even when they are not charging their vehicle.

The user experience starts off with a one-minute registration flow, either through one of the smartphone apps, the web or a call to the call centre. When registering for an EasyPark account, the driver is offered a broad range of payment options. After registration, the user can easily access the charging station through smartphone apps, IVR, SMS and the web. Based on GPS position the user selects a pole, and can then start, stop and extend charging and parking as desired. When the user picks up the car, the billing process is initiated ensuring that the billed amount for charging and parking respectively is floated to the right destination.