Guest Parking is an EasyPark Business product which enables you to start a parking session from your desk for one or multiple vehicles at any time without needing to install the EasyPark application, without hassle and with a lesser risk of overpayment or parking fines. 

Guest Parking is practical, since  all transaction costs are collected in an invoice, simplifying administration for one or a hundred parked cars. It is also safe to manage, because you can schedule and plan parking for a worry-free experience. And it is fair, as you only pay for the time used. As with the EasyPark app, you can stop or extend parking sessions without a fuss.

Regardless of your business type, this product will enable you to gain a competitive advantage by offering additional services to your customers, and delighting your guests with a VIP experience with pre-arranged parking. Your team will save time by streamlining administration and organizing parking times beforehand, this being particularly relevant to car-rental companies, where multiple customers return the vehicles at the same time and there is a risk of fines.