The new and updated app will make parking even easier. With a refreshed user interface, and new features for EV charging, easier overview of parking areas, clearer overview of vehicles registered in the app, new customization options and the possibility to add temporary vehicles. The updates are a result of EasyParks constant work to innovate, develop and make everyday life easier for drivers. 

“These updates are a proof of our dedication to constant innovation. At EasyPark Group, we are committed to providing all customers with the best possible service. We always value feedback, and thanks to our customers feedback we are implementing the biggest update to the EasyPark app in years. The features we are introducing are primarily based on user requests, supplemented by additional enhancements that we have developed. We extend our gratitude to everyone who has provided feedback to us, as your input is invaluable in shaping our services,” says Cameron Clayton, CEO at Easypark Group.

The EasyPark app will get a facelift, keeping the appreciated and popular wheel, but with an updated design. In addition to visual updates, the app now includes new features. Users will be able to manage parking and electric vehicle charging separately. Another highly requested feature being added is the ability to have two parking sessions running simultaneously.

The new design and features will be sent out in different stages depending on country and market. The updates will be rolled out to EasyPark users during 2024.

Summary of the main new features for the EasyPark app:

Design Update: A new fresh and consistent design and user experience.

Highlighted Parking Areas: When the user hovers over a parking spot on the map, the spot will be highlighted for easier identification.
Recent Searches: Select from the most recently used parking and charging locations.

Time Restrictions: Clarification of maximum and minimum parking time already when the user sets the parking time.
Report CameraPark Issues: Ability to report and get help directly in the app if a CameraPark session does not end correctly.

EV Charging
Independent charging and parking: Ability to start and control parking and charging sessions independently.
Real-time Power Consumption Updates: View the kWh consumption from the app during charging sessions.

Simplified Payment Method Change: Easier interface for changing and updating payment methods.
Added Payment Methods: Choose Apple Pay or Google Pay as payment methods in all markets. Local payment methods in selected markets. 

Notification of Expiring Credit Cards: Users are notified a month in advance when their credit card is about to expire.

Temporary Vehicle: Ability to add and schedule the removal of temporary vehicles, eg rental cars, to avoid unwanted charges.
Regional and National License Plates: To avoid errors with similar license plates in different regions.
Vehicle Customization: Users can customize how their vehicles are displayed in the app for easier identification.
Scan License Plate: Add a new vehicle by scanning the license plate.

Updates are gradually implemented starting in May and continuing during 2024. Note that not all features will be available in all countries.