As the growth of Electric and Hybrid vehicles continues, so do driver demands for parking spots with charging capabilities, and the need for a seamless way to manage these services is on the rise. EasyPark Group has been offering electrical vehicle charging (EVC) since its launch nearly 10 years ago. As the demand increasingly grows, EasyPark Group has evolved its EVC offering to include more partners, meaning more parking and charging spots around Europe. In 2023 the number of total charging spots in the app has grown by more than 65 percent in current markets.

“To ensure EasyPark is part of this green revolution, we are working alongside cities and partners to meet the rising demand for more charging spots and easy ways to handle EV charging. “We see that electrical vehicle charging driver needs  continue to increase, and there is great potential in continuing to expand our offering and help drivers experience a smoother way in managing both parking and charging in a single app. This embodies our vision of making cities more livable”, says Cameron Clayton, CEO of EasyPark Group.

Growth has been driven by an increased number of electric vehicles on the road and the number of charging spots available to motorists. In 2023 EasyParks charging transactions grew almost 65 percent on the previous year; facilitated by over 80 new partnerships across the EasyParks network in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Slovenia.

*European Environment Agency, 2023