Values and Winning Culture

  • A key aspect of EasyPark’s success is due to the company’s strong culture with clearly defined values and actionable behaviours and engaged leadership
  • This is encapsulated in EasyPark’s Winning Culture, a program designed to instil the core values into the organisation, each team and every employee in order to continue strengthening and developing a working culture where each employee is contributing towards helping the company achieve its vision and mission
  • The “Winning Culture” program is led by the leaders in the company who act as “role models”, implementing the culture throughout the organisation with strong engagement. The leaders live by the EasyPark leadership platform, which clearly defines expected leader behaviours and responsibilities at EasyPark.

winning culture

Values & Wanted Behaviours

Customer Love

Leaving our customers with a positive feeling and putting their needs first

  • “I act based on the customer’s perspective in everything I do to create value for our customers”
  • “I do my best to help our customers and to leave them with a positive feeling”


Daring to act

  • “I challenge myself, the way I work although it can be outside my comfort zone”
  • “I take initiative and follow through”


Seeing change as an opportunity

  • “I initiate change to improve our processes and our business”
  • “I use constructive feedback to improve myself and give it as a gift to others”
  • “I am open towards change”


Playing together as one team

  • “I seek to understand first, only then seek to be understood”
  • “I act prestige-less and show respect with the end result in mind”

In order to guide and assess the team leaders across the organization, EasyPark has developed a thoughtful framework that defines the desired responsibilities and qualities of its team leaders
The foundation of the leadership model is made up of five core pillars:



  • Leading by example and walk the talk
  • Prestige-less with respect to their own agenda, ideas, role and mandate because finding the best solution is what matters


  • Goal-oriented, talking about where we are heading in the future and why
  • Spreading positive energy


  • Clear on expectations and giving constructive feedback
  • Encourage staff to take initiative, following up and allowing mistakes


  • Showing interest in their group and their ideas
  • Support staff to gain experiences, skills and take on new responsibilities


  • Always respectful with people
  • Encourage team members for a flexible work-life balance with own responsibility


Vision & Goals

  • Ensure all members understand their contribution to the overall goal / vision as individuals and as a team
  • Break down business goals to team targets and individual targets and follow-up
  • Implement decisions and follow-ups


  • Ensure that we recruit, develop and retain world-class people
  • Create an environment where people are challenged to gain new experiences, skills, competencies and take on new responsibilities
  • Create an open climate where people feel safe to give feedback and develop

Collaborative Climate

  • Create an environment of support and co-operation amongst and within the matrix teams
  • Create a climate where people bring forward their ideas, take initiative and follow through

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