Gated Parking Solutions


Proven Integration Assets with Major Gated Systems

EasyPark demonstrates proven successful integration with major gated systems that are up and running as we speak. Our experience in this field and our matured product have saved parking operators the trouble of researching the latest developments and significantly reduced time to market.

Contactless Card

EasyPark has developed gated solution to allow mobile payment which is compatible to the most broad install base in Market. Most of gate system installed in car parks are equipped with NFC/Mifair reader. EasyPark gated solution enables consumers to use EasyPark to pay their parkings in your garages via a NFC card that is connected to their APP. The card can be simply order via APP and production and fulfillment of the Card is all on EasyPark. This solution has been launched and tested in the city of Copenhagen which received significant market tractions and commercial success with 10 000 orders just around the launch day and 97% user retention rate so far.

License Plate Recognition, LPR

EasyPark has developed gated parking payment solutions embedded with Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) technology with your business objectives in mind. The EasyPark LPR solution introduces a seamless user flow to optimise traffic flow at your car park. Furthermore, it advertises the available parking spaces in your car park and your special offers at precisely the right moment, when users are actively deciding where to park.

The driver activates their car’s licence plate in the app and checks where there is any availability or offers at nearby car parks. At the gate, the licence plate is automatically recognised. After the drivers confirm payment with EasyPark, the gate opens. The parking session starts, and will stop automatically when the driver exits the gate.

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