EasyPark App

Market leading in Mobile Parking

We provide one of the Nordic countries’ most frequently used pay-by-phone services via our popular app. Millions of parking sessions have been completed via EasyPark App so far, a figure that is increasing exponentially as our business expands.

With EasyPark App the user can easily start, stop and prolong your parking with their Smartphone, wherever they are. In this way they pay only for the parking time used. By making parking so much simpler for our end-customers, we are doing our bit to improve the convenience and efficiency of their everyday lives. The solutions we develop are designed for both private individuals and companies, regardless of parking frequency or geographical location.

We provide the customer with several alternatives for starting, stopping or extending their parking session:

  • EasyPark App – Available for iOS, Android and Windows. Our goal is to be at the cutting edge of technological development and we constantly update our modern app with new, improved functions.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – This service is an excellent alternative for customers without a smartphone.
  • In-Car Payment – Enable drivers to find and pay for parking directly from the navigation system of the car.
  • Our online service – The customer can go online to track transactions, parking history, order new stickers, leave feedback, etc.
  • Sms – The customer is sent SMS reminders and confirmations. The SMS service also makes short-stay parking at selected facilities possible.