Digital Permit Solution

Efficient administration and improved citizen experiece

For over the past decade, EasyPark has been evolving parking payments with a constant drive to deliver the best interfaces and services for drivers. By delivering customer interfaces and services, EasyPark has gained valuable insight into the customer’s needs and how to satisfy them. We aim to share our experience to the benefit of the entire industry by delivering innovative parking solutions.

EasyPark has vast experience in developing solid flows for taking care of all types of payment sizes as well as payment methods. EasyPark helps the parking operator to provide digital permit solutions for their customers.

The model of the system is ”Software as a service”, which means that the implementation costs can be kept low, the concept is “pay as you grow” which means that you can maintain a positive cash flow.

By offering EasyPark Mobile Parking and Digital Permit Solutions, you can achieve synergy between the two systems since they both incorporate EPIC (EasyPark Intelligent Cloud). This increases the potential of the system and your own benefits. For example, you can create special discount plans for certain types of users. EasyPark will help you to provide digital permit solutions for your customers.

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