Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need my own car? Yes, you must have access to a car, smartphone (iPhone or Android), headphones with a button, and a phone stand.

How long is a driving session? Each driving session lasts about one hour. After the session is finished you can do another session.

Am I reimbursed for gas? No; the price for gas and other expenses is considered in the salary. If you are charged for tolls, keep your receipts and we will pay you back.

What if I do not click for a spot when I’m right next to it? Click for the spot when you realize, as long as you are on the same block/segment.

What happens if I receive a call during a session? We ask that the drivers drive in “do not disturb” mode to avoid disrupting the data.

What is the pay cycle? Every two weeks, we will review your hours and instruct you on how much to issue in your invoice to EasyPark. The invoices will be sent to the EasyPark office in your country and the payments will delivered to you in between 2-20 days. You must know the VAT number for the relevant office. Instructions on how to issue invoices can be found here.

What happens if the app crashes during a session? Go to your phone’s home screen and re-open the Parko app and it should work again.

Which spots do I mark? You should mark spots that an average sized car would be able to park in (Audi A4, Toyota corolla etc.)

Do I mark paid parking spots? Yes, you should mark both free and paid parking.

What if there are no open parking spots for an extended period of time? If there are no open spots, continue the route as normal.

Can I use my phone for other things while driving? No, you cannot. Make sure all other apps are closed. Turn OFF Background Refresh for all apps.