Driving Instructions

  • Do NOT drive on non-normal days such as on festivals and holidays.
  • A route lasts around one hour. After, you may select another route in a different location.
  • Look for available legal parking spots on both sides of the road, unless it is clearly 2 separate roads. For example, if there is a physical barrier in the middle of the road, or if there is a train track or a continuous white line preventing you from just crossing to the other side. See detailed explanation for counting parking spots.
  • Check the Parking Restrictions signs on the road.
  • Click spots that are available at the time when you are driving.
    • Examples:
    • Don’t click parking spots that are for handicap.
    • Don’t click parking spots that are for residents only, or where you need a special permit to park.
    • Don’t click parking spots that are for loading only.
    • Don’t click parking spots that are too small for a normal-sized car to fit in.
  • If Parko Navigation tells you to do strange things like make a U-turn in the middle of a road, just ignore it, continue driving and let Parko re-calculate the route.
  • In the case of a solid white line,check the navigation on the app to see if the segment is broken up into one or two colored segments.
    • If the segment is only one colored segment, click for both sides of the road.
    • If the segment is broken up into two colored segment, only click for one side of the road.
  • Every time you drive through a specific road you must count and click for each available parking spot.
  • Even if you have already driven through a road click available spots anyways.
  • If you must make a U-turn, make sure to click available spots again on the way back.
  • If you missed a click, just click it further down the road.
  • Click as close to the available spots as possible.
  • You will not get paid if you don’t follow all of Parko’s driving instructions
    • For example, stay inside city boundaries and minimize stationary periods.

Drivers need to use common sense and should always record parking spots as if they could park there.

Note of Caution:

Navigation Instructions are only to be used as a guideline. Common sense must be used at all times while driving. Drivers must always follow the rules of the road and abide by all local, state and national traffic laws.

Navigation Instructions for iPhone:

Navigation Instructions for iPhone

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Registering on the Driver Management Tool:

Registering on the Driver Management Tool