EasyPark integrates with all major online handheld systems on the market. This means that regardless of hardware or software in use in your parking operations today, you will be able to check EasyPark parkings with the push of a button.

The integration could be either directly to the secure “checkparking” webservice offered by EasyPark or via any integration partner gateway. The EasyPark webservice is in use in many parking operations around our markets and has a proven track record in terms of security, speed and uptime.

Besides normal functions as searching on ongoing, future and closed parking transactions, you are also able to communicate directly with the motorists (EasyPark users) via an sms service included in the webservice.

EasyPark uses the car registration number as the sole identifier. Controll through handheld terminal works in a variety of ways:

  • Input of car registration number
  • Input of parking area or a group of parking areas
  • Through ANPR (Automated number plate recognition) when supported by the terminal