Automated control – A more efficient approach

On the streets there are still a mix of digitally parked cars and cars with tickets in the wind-screen. An effective controlling solution must be able to handle both effectivley which has not been possible up til now. Today traditional control can be done in paralell to a much more effective control of digitally parked cars based on number plate recognition.

The latter is more ergonomic and allows parking attendants to maintain a high working pace every minute of every hour, every single working day. The solution has furthermore been designed for minimal ergonomic impact. Because the system is online, evidence of the parking offence can be gathered in the back office system instantly which means that first line customer support can handle incoming calls much more effectivley.

  • Response from a digital parking check returned within 5 seconds
  • From control to printed parking fine the time can be reduced to 12 seconds
  • Evidence coupeled to the parking fine can be sent online to the back office system in real time
  • Back office system can track enforcement activities for efficient planning and follow-up
  • Possibility to integrate to other systems including finance system or other agency systems which increases collaboration potential and improves financial management