EasyPark has longstanding and deep expertise in mobile phone payments. Having served consumers with mobile payment services since 19-99, EasyPark is one of the global leaders in this field. With a clear focus on parking, we serve as the bridge between cities and operators and the motorists who need to find a place to park EasyPark delivers services beyond parking itself to cities, consumers and businesses. Our continued focus on making parking more convenient has resulted in a 96% customer satisfaction rate (Gallup) and more partners than any other mobile phone payment operator in the world today.

We like to measure customer satisfaction in smiles, and we strive to continuously operate at the cutting edge of technology. More importantly however, we listen to input from customers and partners. We try to proactively enhance their operations and provide solutions to their problems With a long – term approach and fifteen years of experience in eight markets, EasyPark is a stable partner for any city or operator in any part of the world.

History – key milestones


When mobile telephony became a mass consumer product in late 1990’s, many ideas around new electronic services were sparked.

In Finland, a Sonera subsidiary launched a service for phone parking called ParkIt in 1998. In Sweden, Mint AB was founded in 1999 with the idea to create a mobile wallet. Several mobile payment services were launched but most failed to take off – some due to the lack of commercial realism some due to technology not being adequately user friendly. However Mint attracted quite some media attention with the new services and in early 2001 the company won a contract with Stockholm Parking to supply a mobile parking payment service. Simultaneously, EasyPark was started in Norway in 2000.


The early years were characterized by the quest to build distribution for the service. The companies, founded in different markets were each engaged in similar challenges.

It was in this period that what was to become EasyPark Group started to form. It began with Sonera divesting in non-core activities which led to the engagement of Mint in the purchase process of the Finnish phone parking operation. After 18 months Mint made the acquisition and from there it took 6 more months to turn the company from significant losses to profit.


Inspired by the consolidation, Mint AB contacted EasyPark AS in Norway/Denmark to discuss a merger. In January 2005 the merger was completed. EasyPark with its origin in Oslo, Norway had a very similar history as Mint.

Copenhagen, a city with all the characteristics to benefit mobile parking – only coin payments, high fees, high penalties, convenience oriented consumers etc. The service was a success and with a +10% market share in 2005 a huge inspiration to all employees throughout in the new EasyPark Scandinavia.


With recent successes fuelling the EasyPark spirit the international expansion continued. During 2006 EasyPark ventured into cities in northern Germany in a green-field operation.


EasyPark acquires Phone Parking operator M-parking in Germany and migrates all users to the EasyPark platform. EasyPark Group enters into a license agreement with Siemens regarding its patent portfolio.


The board of directors appoints Johan Birgersson as new CEO for the EasyPark Group. The company moves on to launch Premium SMS parking tickets and but foremost the company focuses harder on operational excellence. Premises and staff are adjusted to a new operating model in push to make the company more effective. In addition, the change of supplier on critical parts of the service helped the service quality and service availability greatly.


The Premium SMS service is launched in Norway. Also in Norway EasyPark acquires Phone Parking operator Mpay and migrates all users to the EasyPark platform thereby expanding the number of users of the service, further boosting the company’s growth. Also in 2009 EasyPark launches new web-sites in its five markets. Focus is still highly focused on operational performance.


EasyPark celebrated its 10th anniversary by launching a new turn-key parking concept called Parking Excellence. Meanwhile EasyPark acquires Siemens’ Phone Parking service in Denmark and migrates all users to the EasyPark platform.

Both the concept and the acquisition was part of a broader strategic move related to the service offering. Consequently new capabilities were needed and the Board of Directors approves and investment to build a new state of the art mobile payment platform.  EasyPark Group also introduces a Management Trainee program to build a talent pipeline in-house.

The same year EasyPark launches EasyPark Card as a complementary service for gated parking. In Denmark EasyPark trials a Park&Ride service together with the national railway DSB which means drivers could pay for parking and for commuter tickets easily using the same service.


If nothing else 2011 was featured by significant change for everyone in EasyPark’s stakeholder. This included customers, partners, staff and owners since all the operation in all countries were migrated to the new platform EasyPark Intelligent Cloud (EPIC). It was in a gigantic effort led by the new CTO Anna Bennetter which marked a monumental upgrade of EasyPark’s technological capabilities.

More than the new platform EasyPark launched parking payment services for smartphone Apps (iOS and Android) being the first company in the Nordics to do so.


In early 2012 Verdane Capital VII becomes the new majority owner of EasyPark. The Verdane Advisory group, with its pan-Nordic reach and strong customer focus, is seen as a valuable partner as EasyPark continues to grow its services in the Nordics and internationally and indeed EasyPark continues to deliver exciting progress in the market. For example;

  • Launches a solution for managing and paying of EV charging in Stockholm.
  • Launches digital permit solution for citizens and companies in the city of Aarhus.
  • Changes its consumer packaging and pricing concept.
  • Enters into Italy.
  • Acquires Mobil Zhalen in Germany
  • Invested in strengthening several internal functions and;
  • Was awarded a patent based on a pending patent application in Norway.

To top things off EasyPark was awarded Mobile Service of the Year in 2012 in the utilities category in Finland.


If the years leading up to 2013 were characterized by building new capabilities 2013 was the year of really carrying it out to the customer. Several notable changes were made with new interaction design was implemented on all customer interfaces most notably the App but also the external web, self-service web and customer facing communication in a total makeover of the service design.

In addition the following key events are worth mentioning;

  • Entry into Austria
  • Entry into Australia
  • Migration of Mobil Zhalen’s users to the EasyPark platform
  • Entry into the first Italian cities under the EasyPark brand
  • EasyPark enters into a European partnership with PayPal
  • EasyPark wins important tenders in the capital cities Helsinki and Stockholm

By the end of 2013 EasyPark was awarded “Guldmobilen” (“The Golden Mobile”) in Sweden for the best mobile service in the utilities category.

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