From the inside out: EasyPark’s recipe for success


It is a well-known fact that companies with strong culture and happy employees give rise to innovative and provide better services with higher efficiency. In order to monitor culture and the overall satisfaction of its employees, EasyPark carries out an independent annual employee survey, facilitated by Beta Performance Index (BPI). The most recent results this year were overwhelmingly positive. In the three key areas measured – leadership, team and individual – EasyPark scored 80% or above. This is 10% higher than the average benchmark, and shows that employees are engaged, driven, and happy.

Peo Hartman at Beta Performance Index said “EasyPark has the highest scores in our database, and the scores for leadership have increased the most this year. This trickles down throughout the whole company, where everyone knows and understands each other better, which helps with communication and engagement, giving rise great team spirit as well.”

EasyPark introduced the BPI survey in 2016, in order to measure overall employee satisfaction, whilst getting a full picture of which areas need to be improved, and what the company needs to do more of. The positive flow-on effect to customers and partners is also regularly quantified by another third party, Net Promoter, who recently placed EasyPark’s score at 61.9 which ranks as ‘excellent’ by global standards.

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Group CEO, Johan Birgersson, explained that understanding the EasyPark workforce is central to the company’s future success.

“We’re committed to listening to our employees, and working proactively alongside them to ensure EasyPark is the best possible work environment, which means they can continue to deliver outstanding service for customers and partners alike,” he said.

“As EasyPark grows, it’s important to keep our finger on the pulse of the organisation. We can only operate at our best if our employees have the opportunity to tell us how we can improve, as well as highlighting what we need to continue doing. To see improvements like this within 12 months is excellent, and we’ll strive to achieve the same again next year.”

The results showed great improvement over the previous year, when the BPI survey was introduced. Every aspect measured either showed great improvement, or remained at a high level of satisfaction.

However, EasyPark recognises that it’s vital to get feedback from employees more than once per year.

“Further to the larger survey we send out every year, we also carry out two smaller analyses in between. Taking a proactive approach like this means we can fine-tune the work environment throughout the year, which we believe is the best way we can continuously improve the outcomes for everyone within the organisation and in turn, every customer or partner that interacts with our staff,” concluded Birgersson.

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