EasyPark wins the Svepark Annual award 2016

EasyPark has won the Svepark annual award for 2016, recognizing their place as a critical partner for cities desiring full digitalization. The Nordic’s largest parking association, Svepark, awarded EasyPark this prize for their work in Frederiksberg, Denmark. This solution enabled the city to see their vision of a fully digitalized mobility ecosystem come to fruition via the partnership with EasyPark.

As cities become denser, the logistics, and thus the traffic and parking becomes increasingly complex. To assist in solving this problem, Frederiksberg envisioned a fully digitalized mobility ecosystem and by working with EasyPark, found the critical partner to realize their plan. The mobility ecosystem of a city cannot be optimally digitalized if the parking part is not first complete.

“Easy Park’s system has really helped Frederiksberg digitalize parking at no extra cost, while we significantly increase our revenues. The only thing that bothers me is that we bought 18 parking meters. Had I known that 80% of all parking would be paid by mobile phone, I would have bought far fewer machines,” comments Poul Eldrup, Parking Manager for Frederiksberg.

“We are very honoured by this award. We have invested a tremendous amount of power, time and passion into our Parking Excellence solution that will enable a win-win-win situation for all stakeholders involved. This is a recognition of this work and the potential it has to help cities, parking operators and inhabitants in urban areas in the future,” says Anders Bäck, Managing Director, Easypark Sweden.

EasyPark was the first player to bring phone parking to market in 2000. Since then the company has consistently delivered innovative services to market, fast tracking the evolution of parking. The future of parking is a fully digitalized ecosystem that connects all stakeholders in real-time, gradually reducing, and over time eliminating the frustration of the current parking experience. In April 2016, EasyPark made it into the Red Herring Top 100 Europe list, being one of the most exciting European companies to keep a watch of.