EasyPark in strategic collaboration with Fortum regarding charging posts

EasyPark is now embarking on a strategic collaboration with Fortum Charge & Drive relating to the payment for parking and charging via charging posts. The extent of the collaboration covers Sweden, Finland and Norway.

The number of electric and electric­hybrid cars in the Nordic region is increasing, and more and more car manufacturers are launching electric cars. As a parallel development, the number of charging posts in Sweden is also increasing. Fortum Charge & Drive is one of the market leaders for commercial solutions concerning charging posts, with currently 500 charging posts in the Nordic region. Now, Fortum and EasyPark are embarking on a strategic collaboration that will make it possible to pay for charging via EasyPark’s app. The advantage for EasyPark’s customers is that the charging fee will be included on the same invoice as for the parking.

“EasyPark has extensive coverage in the countries where we have charging posts and this provides our customers with added value as they can now pay for both their parking and charging with the same app. This makes life easier for both facility­owners and end-users because the charging posts become a natural part of already established parking solutions”, says Markus Hökfelt, Head of Fortum Charge & Drive Nordic.

Pay for parking and charging with the same app The collaboration means that users can use the map function in EasyPark’s app to see where the nearest charging post can be found. Once there, the app can be used to pay for both the charging and parking. The scope of the collaboration covers not only the 500 existing posts in Sweden, Norway and Finland, but also those that are to be established in the future in the Nordic region.

The ability to be able to pay for charging with EasyPark’s app is an important element of EasyPark’s development. EasyPark is currently working on a range of solutions within so-called parking guidance, which is concerned with reducing traffic congestion by helping motorists to find an unoccupied parking space in the quickest possible way.

“The collaboration with Fortum is one stage in our work in the development of mobile payment services connected to the vehicle. Together with Fortum, we can provide even more customer benefits to our users”, says Johan Birgersson, CEO of EasyPark Group.


About Fortum Charge & Drive
Fortum Charge & Drive is a complete, cloud­based business system for those processes that are needed for the operation of charging posts. The system is built upon an open and standardised architecture to allow for working together with the best suppliers of hardware. Fortum Charge & Drive is currently being used in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

For more information:
Johan Birgersson, CEO EasyPark Group:  +46 (0) 708 – 32 67 58
Markus Hökfelt, Head of Fortum Charge & Drive Nordic: ++46 (0)70 344 53 72