EasyPark makes large investments in parking guidance

EasyPark makes large investments in parking guidance

In its efforts to help towns and cities become smarter, EasyPark is now investing one third of its development budget in parking guidance. By means of the smart use of data, EasyPark is able to help motorists in 8 countries to find parking spaces more quickly and, by so doing, reduce traffic congestion and the impact upon the environment.

EasyPark is making major investments in order to lead the way in parking guidance. The concept of parking guidance involves the creation of interfaces to minimise the searching time, and this can be achieved by the real­time processing of large amounts of data from different sources. This is of benefit to the entire chain, to the city and the parking company and finally to the motorist, to quickly find their way through the town to find the nearest unoccupied parking space at their final destination. Parking guidance is an important part of towns and cities’ work within the smart city concept, and represents the single largest item in EasyPark’s development budget.

Parking guidance is integral when municipalities want to build a smart city
The term “smart city” relates to the use by cities of digital technology in order to increase productivity and the well­being of residents while, at the same time, minimising welfare costs and the use of resources. Parking guidance plays an integral role in this. By linking together a variety of data points, traffic flow can be improved so that motorists are guided to a parking space much more quickly. Studies show that 30 per cent of traffic queues are currently caused by motorists searching for a parking space. This searching results in both congestion and an unnecessary impact upon the environment in metropolitan areas.

“We collect data from a variety of operators, including Trafikverket, parking meters and car parking garages. Incorporating this data into our app, we can guide our users to take the correct route through the city in order to find their parking space as quickly as possible”, says Johan Birgersson, CEO of EasyPark Group.

“Thanks to our good coverage and our much­appreciated service, we have been able to establish good relationships with experts and professors in the field of big data. These collaborations are important to our development within parking guidance, where we have concrete services ready to be launched onto the market”, says Johan Birgersson.

Fredriksberg in Denmark – first with an all­digital parking structure
In Fredriksberg, just outside Copenhagen, EasyPark has played an important role in helping the municipality to lead the way with a digitalised parking structure. For car owners in Fredriksberg, car park tickets will soon be a thing of the past. This is because the municipality is introducing Denmark’s first fully digitalised parking system. One of the implications of this is that, in the future, parking permits will be ordered online because the paper­based tickets will disappear. Motorists will, instead, be able to register their parking by means of an app on their smartphone or via the municipality’s website.

“Fredriksberg is at the leading edge when it comes to the integration of mobile parking, permits, parking meters, garages and guidance units into one single system. Not even San Francisco or Amsterdam – which are generally considered to be among those at the forefront concerning parking solutions – has such a modern system as has now been introduced in Frederiksberg. This solution is even more time­saving and opens up a range of new opportunities for urban development”, says Morten Hother Sørensen, CEO of EasyPark Denmark.

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