EasyPark integrates real­time information for parking guidance

The EasyPark parking service is now working together with Infracontrol in order to access information about unoccupied parking spaces. The integration means that EasyPark will be able to develop even more intelligent services within parking guidance.

Infracontrol helps public sector facility owners, such as Trafikverket and Swedish municipalities, to get full control over society’s infrastructure. One element of this is the collection of traffic data and information about the current occupancy of parking facilities.

EasyPark is Sweden’s largest actor within mobile parking and devotes a large part of its development to so­called parking guidance, which helps users to find an unoccupied parking space in the quickest possible way.

“By integrating the information provided by Infracontrol into our app, our users will be able to be guided – in real­time – to find the fastest possible way to reach an unoccupied parking space at their final destination. Having the right data at the right time enables us to reduce unnecessary traffic queues and congestion and, thereby, environmental impact”, says Anders Bäck, CEO of EasyPark Sweden.

Because EasyPark, following agreement with the operator that owns the data, acquires the opportunity to retrieve real­time information from Infracontrol, they are able to provide EasyPark’s users with important information that simplifies their daily lives.

“We have worked with different types of parking guidance systems since 1999″, says Infracontrol’s CEO Johan Höglund. Studies show that the searching­traffic decreases significantly, thereby improving both the environment and traffic flow in our inner­urban areas. EasyPark’s mobile app will now enable even more road users to benefit from the information that is available in our system.

For more information:

Johan Birgersson, CEO EasyPark Group:  +46 (0) 708 – 32 67 58

Johan Höglund, CEO Infracontrol: +46 (0)31 333 27 01


About Infracontrol:

Infracontrol provides user­friendly IT solutions that give full control over society’s basic functions. We are specialists in guidance, monitoring and information management, and create an intelligent infrastructure that simplifies everybody’s everyday life. An increasing number of cities and municipalities are now choosing to take control by connecting to our unique cloud­based service Infracontrol Online.