New Park’n GO offers less administration and lower costs

EasyPark and ABAX starts a collaboration to facilitate everyday life around the driver’s triplogs and parking for companies in all Nordic countries. The new service is called Park’n GO. By combining ABAX solution for mileage logs where intelligent technology recognizes the car’s motion with Easy Park’s payment solution for parking, the parking will be paid completely automatically, without the driver having to do anything.

– Business managers are placing higher demands on technical solutions that simplify corporate administration and makes everyday life more profitable. In response to this we are very proud that we can now launch ABAX Park’n Go which removes unnecessary administration, lower costs and implies a revolution in terms of handling of parking charges and vouchers for this, says Mathias Eliasson, President ABAX Sweden.

Integrated triplog and parking app

Park’n GO combines the EasyPark’s mobile application for payment of parking with ABAX driver’s triplog. Through intelligent technology, the system detects when the vehicle is standing still and parked on a street where parking fee is required. As long as the car is not moving, the payment for parking is activated by EasyPark. This combination reduces both costs and administration. EasyPark and ABAX has estimated that it is common to pay up to 20-30 percent more for parking than is necessary. With the new service, you can easily save these unnecessary costs.

All expenses on a monthly invoice

With Park’n GO, administration is less time-consuming. New system gathers all parking fees in one place, together with the triplog. One of the biggest benefits for companies and their employees is that they don’t have to save parking receipts anymore. A single monthly invoice contains a summary of all the parkings and it is accepted as a valid document in accounting.

- The development of technology in cars and mobile payment services goes fast forward right now. We are delighted to be involved in developing the future of driving and parking. New innovations and technologies make driving more effective and cost saving, says Anders Bäck, CEO of Easypark Sweden

World is global also in driving

In Sweden EasyPark operates already in over 30 cities. Outside Sweden drivers are able to park with the same service eight other European countries covering 350 cities. ABAX operates in the Nordic countries and has more than 80 000 users. From now on Park’n GO service is available for Swedish drivers also in Finland, Norway and Denmark.

About EasyPark

EasyPark is today one of the world’s leading companies in mobile payments for parking and are available in almost 350 cities and parking operators across nine markets. Easy Park’s services make parking more convenient, efficient and economical for motorists, businesses and cities and parking operators. Learn more about the company at EasyPark.

About ABAX

ABAX is a developer and supplier of Car Logbooks –Triplogs, Car tracker systems, Fleet Control software and Equipment Control technology, to businesses who operate company vehicles. The products are leading in their respective fields and have already helped numerous customers to reduce their overall fuel consumption of their vehicles and eliminate the risk of tax penalties.


For more information, please contact:

Johan Birgersson, VD EasyPark Group: 0708 – 32 67 58