EasyPark creates a new parking solution in cooperation with the car sharing service car2go

EasyPark Group – one of the world’s leading companies in mobile payments – has partnered with car2go; a car sharing service that makes it easier for the city dweller to transport themselves from point A to point B without having to get or leave the car at a fixed pick-up point.

– We strongly believe in this cooperation since EasyPark has proven to be in the forefront when it comes to parking solutions and has the best coverage in Copenhagen, the whole of Stockholm and its surrounding municipalities as well as the best coverage of existing parking operators, says Peter Ahlgren, Country Manager for car2go Sweden.

Innovative parking solution

As part of the collaboration, EasyPark has created an innovative technical solution which allows car2go’s users to easily and seamlessly be able to park without having to focus on coin handling or searching for parking meters. The solution is included in the app you download when using car2go and therefore requires no extra effort.

– To optimize the car2go’s mission, we wanted to create a technical solution that enables the concept without creating a fuss about small unnecessary details. The parking system is fully automated, and all the user need to think about is to park in a valid parking zone. Our system will solve the rest. Our unique permits coverage allows car2go users to park virtually anywhere, says Johan Birgersson, CEO of EasyPark Group.

EasyPark’s new parking solution is now available in all car2go’s cars in Stockholm and Copenhagen. Both EasyPark and car2go are currently active in large parts of Europe.

About EasyPark

Founded in 2001, EasyPark’s mission is to enhance the parking experience, making it more convenient, effective and cost-efficient for motorists, cities and parking operators. Today EasyPark is one of the world’s leading companies within mobile payments for parking present in hundreds of cities across nine markets. Read more about the company at www.easypark.net

About car2go

Car2Go’s user encounters no fixed fees and pay only when cars are used (per minute). The user locates the car either on the street or through a smartphone app. After having used the car you park it on any public parking space within the car2go’s home area. In addition to Stockholm, car2go has over a million customers and operations in 29 cities in Europe and North America. car2go owned by Mercedes Benz and Europecar. Learn more about the company at www.car2go.com


For more information, please contact:

Johan Birgersson, VD EasyPark Group: 0708 – 32 67 58