EasyPark European Provider of Volvo Cars’ New Parking Solution

Volvo Cars ́new version of the on-board infotainment and navigation solution, Sensus Connect, includes a Park&Pay solution that allows drivers to find and pay for parking from inside of the car. With the widest coverage in Europe for mobile payment of parking EasyPark has been chosen a payment provider for the Park&Pay concept.

If you have a Volvo with Sensus Connect it will now become possible to navigate to a relevant parking space for your destination and vehicle as well as starting your parking while sitting comfortably in it. For the first time drivers will be able to both find parking and start parking directly through an on-board system. The driver will be able to manage parking started from the car in the EasyPark Smartphone App while being away from the vehicle. In addition the driver will be able to get communication about the ongoing parking directly to their phone making this a truly integrated service.

“Volvo Cars is considered as one of the frontrunners within the car industry. The new Sensus Connect is an obvious example of that and also of the future where car owners will benefit greatly from integrated technology such as the Park&Pay solution. Not only will the new service make the parking experience more convenient, but it is also an important step to achieve fully automated parking in a future with self-driving cars. We are proud to be part of this continuous development,” says Johan Birgersson, CEO of EasyPark.

Park&Pay is the world-first integrated solution for finding and paying for parking from within your car. The service is delivered in collaboration between Volvo Cars, EasyPark and Parkopedia who provides real time data for available parking spaces.The application is based on car2infrastructure communication and points the way of new possibilities when the car starts to “communicate” with its surroundings.

Founded in 2001, EasyPark’s mission is to enhance the parking experience, making it more convenient, effective and cost-efficient for motorists, cities and parking operators. This is achieved through offering innovative and digitalized services operated on a lean, scalable and state-of-the-art platform. EasyPark Group has 90 employees operating from offices in Sweden (HQ), Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, Austria and Italy. For more information, visit www.easypark.net.

“Technology should make your life easier. That’s why we listened carefully to our customers when creating Sensus Connect. It’s not about offering a thousand apps; it’s about giving you precisely what you need, before you even knew you needed it,” says David Holecek, Connectivity Brand Manager at Volvo Cars.

With the launch of Sensus Connect, Volvo Cars reveals an updated on-board infotainment and navigation solutions. Now, Volvo Cars truly offers customers a fully connected experience. The updated Sensus Connect will be available in all new Volvo models starting in May 2014. Drivers who already have Sensus Connect in their cars today will be offered an update for their system.

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Founded in 2001, EasyPark’s mission is to enhance the parking experience, making it more convenient, effective and cost-efficient for motorists, cities and parking operators. Today EasyPark is one of the world’s leading companies within mobile payments for parking present in hundreds of cities across nine markets. Read more about the company at https://www.easypark.net.


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