Ensto and EasyPark join forces on payment infrastructure for charging electric vehicles

Ensto, which is one of the leading companies in infrastructure solutions for charging electric vehicles (EV), is entering into a strategic partnership with EasyPark for a mobile payment solution for EV charging that will not require any start-up investments.

A new directive under consideration by the European Commission reflects the member states’ desire to see significantly more investment in the EV charging infrastructure between now and 2020, when the era of free electric vehicle charging is set to come to an end.

“No one will be able to afford to let thousands of motorists charge their vehicles without invoicing them for their electricity use. We already have customers who have realised this and so we need to create a simple and cost-efficient payment alternative.This is why Ensto has chosen to work with EasyPark, the leading provider of Park&Pay services,” explains Allan Ahlgren, Sales Director of EV charging solutions at Ensto.

“As the customer needs to park to charge their EV, it makes good sense to combine the payment for parking and the payment for charging to create an intuitive and streamlined user experience. Mobile payment also gives us the opportunity to communicate with the customer about the charging status, so the motorist can return to their EV at the right time. In our App, the customer can also choose between paying privately and paying via their corporate account,” notes Magnus Flodberg, Business Developer of the electric mobile initiative at EasyPark Group.

Both businesses contend that no single operator can anticipate and design solutions for the complex user needs in the next generation of services. These are more likely to be created by several market operators focusing on what they do best in an open network collaboration.It is important to enable roaming, – which means that motorists can use the same payment method regardless of who has manufactured the charging station or who owns it.

Information about EasyPark
EasyPark was established in 2000 and is now a provider of pan-European services that enable motorists to pay for parking and for EV charging by using their mobile phones instead of using traditional parking meters. The simplicity and convenience of paying by phone is appealing to more and more motorists. Customer satisfaction and the cost efficiency of combining parking and EV charging payments make paying by phone the preferred technology among towns and parking operators.

Information about Ensto
Ensto is a family-run business and an international cleantech company specialising in the development, manufacture and marketing of electrical systems and supplies for the distribution of electrical power, as well as electrical applications. We are committed to lasting sustainable development and our goal is to be the world’s leading company in green energy efficiency and distribution. Our products, manufactured in seven different countries, are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and leave a minimum carbon footprint. Established by Ensio Miettinen in 1958, we are a family-run company with 1,600 employees in Europe and Asia. The company turnover is 260 million Euros. Ensto has three key business units: Ensto Utility Networks, Ensto Industrial Solutions and Ensto Building Technology.