EasyPark coverage expands to include 30 towns and cities in Italy

EasyPark has kicked off a campaign in Italy to expand coverage for all EasyPark customers to include 30 Italian towns and cities. The wholly owned Italian company Telepark is being replaced by EasyPark; cities thereby acquire the same functionality as EasyPark, at the same time as the towns and cities become accessible to everyone already connected to EasyPark.

All customers in Verona were recently transferred from Telepark to EasyPark, which signalled the start of EasyPark’s operations in Italy.

“We’ve transferred more than 2,300 existing customers in Verona and have also received 1,400 new registrations just via our app in the first 10 days in Verona alone. The transition from Telepark to EasyPark, with more functionality and potential for roaming between multiple countries, has succeeded beyond our expectations,” comments Johan Birgersson, CEO of EasyPark Group.

More functions for Italians
Telepark started in 2000 and was acquired by EasyPark in 2012. The service offered by Telepark is now being transformed into a fully integrated EasyPark service with more functions.

With EasyPark, Italians will now be able to geolocate their nearest car park, view their receipts in the app and on the website, as well as manage their account and select a debit/credit card. Italians can also use the EasyPark app when they park in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Australia and Austria, just as motorists from these countries can now use the app to park in Italy.

The transfer of Telepark customers to EasyPark in a further 29 towns and cities, including Parma, Naples, Salerno, Catania and Palermo, is imminent.

“We’ve invested heavily in developing our app to make it as simple as possible for our customers to Park&Pay by mobile phone. We’re delighted to add yet another country to the list of places our parking app is now live in,” says Johan Birgersson.