Every fifth parks with EasyPark in Helsinki

EasyPark, the service that makes it possible to pay for parking using a mobile phone, is becoming ever more common among motorists. Every fifth motorist uses EasyPark in Helsinki. The response from motorists shows that one of the main reasons they use the service is that it is easy, compared to traditional coin or credit card payment.

Mobile payment for parking has shown good development over the years and already covers a great portion of all parking. The city’s goal is to continue replacing coin payment with other payment methods. In the future, we will carefully assess the need of parking meters in new areas and the replacement of old meters,” says Pekka Henttonen, department manager at the Helsinki Building Planning Department.

The need for expensive parking meters is decreasing as payment for parking via the mobile phone increases, which also means savings for the city. Meters mean regular costs for emptying and maintenance.

If you sign up for EasyPark via your phone, you can begin to park immediately. When you have signed up for the service, you receive a sticker that you affix to your windscreen to show the parking attendant that you use mobile parking. Then you yourself can start parking using your mobile phone. Smartphone users can download EasyPark’s app, making the service even easier.

At EasyPark we work constantly to develop the service’s usability and new features. One of the future services of the smartphone app is map localisation. That means that you will no longer have to enter a separate area code. In the future, it will also be possible to use EasyPark for charging the increasingly popular electric cars,” says EasyPark’s Finnish country manager, Timo Haapanen.

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