EasyPark and AutoPlan enter nationwide collaboration

During the spring of 2012, AutoPlan and EasyPark are launching a collaboration that provides AutoPlan’s corporate customers the opportunity to join the practical, fast-growing parking service. The collaboration will begin with a number of selected corporate customers and will then be broadened and offered to the rest of the customer base.

AutoPlan is a part of the Swedbank group and the market’s leading player in the professional management of vehicle fleets.

EasyPark Phone parking, “the virtual parking meter”, is already a well-established mobile service in most major cities in the Nordic countries, and more than 300,000 drivers pay for their parking today with their mobile phones instead of via the physical parking meter.

For AutoPlan’s customers, the collaboration with EasyPark means increased possibilities of cost control, as the person who parks using the service pays for the parking time actually used. The service is very flexible and makes it possible for the customer to indicate an approximate end time, which can be shortened or extended according to the unique need. This reduces costs at every step, and in addition the environment is a winner, as all payment flows are handled in a modern fashion digitally.

The customer can choose between several interfaces, where the popular EasyPark app is by far the fastest-growing interface. EasyPark works actively to launch more value-added services in the app, and more new features are on their way.

At AutoPlan, we always strive to raise the degree of service to our customers. The management of parking is often considered bothersome; EasyPark’s service creates even clearer control of parking costs compared to credit cards and physical parking meters. We are also happy that this improves our customers’ ability to concentrate on his individual assignments without having to worry about parking time elapsing or having to guess in advance how much money to spend on parking,” says Robert Bergman, delivery and purchasing manager at AutoPlan.

We are very positive to this collaboration, where we are a good addition to AutoPlan’s vehicle-related service portfolio. EasyPark already has thousands of satisfied customers who confirm all of the advantages of our popular service – with EasyPark, you always have the parking meter in your pocket. The collaboration with AutoPlan makes combined billing of parking costs through EasyPark possible by way of the vehicle fleet solution AutoPlan delivers on the market, which is something current and presumptive customers are looking for,” says Anders Bäck, MD, EasyPark AB.

For more information, contact:

Johan Birgersson, CEO EasyPark Group
+46 (0) 8 522 26 701 | johan.birgersson@easypark.net


Pdf: EasyPark and AutoPlan enter nationwide collaboration