EasyPark launches digital permit solution for the city of Aarhus

The mobile payment company EasyPark recently won an Aarhus public tender and is given the assignment to develop a digital permit solution for citizens and companies.

The solution is developed in close cooperation with the Municipality of Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark. With the new cutting edge solution from EasyPark, the permit applicant will now be able to log-in to a web page using the national digital signature and just add the car registration number. Then both the applicant and the car will automatically be verified against several public databases and if authorization is granted, be presented to the available permit options valid for that vechicle.

The system supports all different types of permits; residential, visitor, business permits and all different types of car ownership (private, business and leased cars). Functioning as a web-shop, the service also enables the customer to pay instantly for the permit via credit card or invoice. Upon payment confirmation, a digital permit is issued.

The permit solution is an integrated part of the Parking Excellence concept from EasyPark, bringing together mobile paid parking and controlling with digital permits. In order to easy the implementation and avoid costly and cumbersome installation costs, the EasyPark software solution is operated as a Software as a Service, minimizing the operational burden for the municipality of Aarhus. Finally the solution also takes the productivity of the municipality into account, having a back-end system that supports the configuration of permit areas, pricing structures and payments by the municipality staff.

Niels Richard Madsen, Ekspeditionssekretær, Traffic Administration

EasyPark has been a contractor to the city of Aarhus since 2002. The company is authorized by the city to provide their mobile parking system, an alternative solution for payment of parking. The solution that EasyPark provides helps drivers to initiate and modify parking payment and is giving drivers the possibility to pay for the exact parking time, by allowing the stop of parking payment upon returning to the car.

The system is from our perspective much appreciated by the customer, it is flexible in a way that meets the different specific needs for different groups of customers and at the same time it supports the city’s rules and regulations for various parking zones, with reference to our progressive charges.

 The city is pleased with the service EasyPark provides and reports and payments have come promptly, all according to agreements and standards set by the city.

 From both an environmental and cost perspective the city strongly believes thatthe concept of mobile parking has a lot to contribute with going forward.

For yderligere oplysninger:

Niels Richard Madsen, Ekspeditionssekretær, Traffic Administration
Tlf. 8940 4585 | nrm@aarhus.dk

Morten Hother Sørensen, Adm. Dir, EasyPark A/S
Tlf. 70 22 12 08 | morten.hother-sorensen@easypark.net


Pdf: EasyPark launches digial permit solution for the city of Aarhus