EasyPark Smartphone App hits the #1 spot

During this summer, the EasyPark Smartphone App was launched in all EasyPark countries. Within a week, the app hit the #1 spot in the App Store’s utility category and reached as high as #6 in the overall ranking.

In july 2011, the long-awaited smartphone app was launched first and foremost as a new interface for EasyParks todays over 250 000 members. In addition, the high ranking also made the app visible for new motorists resulting in a significant increase of memberships during late summer and early fall. With 40 000 downloads and close to 200 000 app-started parkings the EasyPark App is already one of the most popular and widely used payment apps in the Nordics.

Since the App was launched hundreds of customers have provided their input and that is now the basis for new features to be included in the next release scheduled for early 2012. Location based services are on top of the wish list and a “find parking area based on gps location” is next in line to be developed and launched.

“After close to 10 years in the mobile payment industry, dealing with an otherwise slow change in user behavior – the smartphones have radically and quickly changed the playground. People now spend more time with their smartphones than with their spouses and it has really become the center of everyones digital life. This evolvement enables EasyPark to reach new segments and to bring even more benefits to the motorists. We look upon the near future with great excitement” Says Johan Thalin, Chief Marketing Officer, EasyPark Group

The EasyPark Smartphone App v.1.0 is simply called EasyPark and is available as a free download from App Store (Iphone) and Android Market. The app will be available on other operating systems during 2012.

For further information, please contact:

Morten Hother Sørensen
Corporate Business Development Officer EasyPark Group
+45 40 41 59 00 | morten.hother-sorensen@easypark.net

Pdf: Pressrelease – EasyPark Smartphone App hits the #1 spot