“Parking Excellence” to make splashy entrance to German market

Simac and EasyPark cooperate to deliver unique economical parking concept.

EasyPark Group and Simac Business Applications BV, a subsidiary of Simac Techniek NV, founded an exclusive partnership for Scandinavia, Great Britain and Germany. Simac’s leading concept for parking security systems, combined with Europe’s market-leading mobile parking provider, make the realization of ‘Parking Excellence’ possible. This concept is being perceived as revolutionary when it comes to digital on-street economical parking systems. The system combines EasyPark’s concept of mobile parking and Simac’s parking control systems. This innovative, digital concept provides an improved payment service to customers and reduces the controlling costs for the parking space provider. At the same time, the concept is a package-deal and offers innovative and ready to use solutions.

Simac BA is a Dutch software company, which specializes in mobile phone parking systems for cities and regions. The so-called ‘Sphynxx’ solution combines applications for mobile data collection equipment as well as mobile scanning solutions. Sphynxx is the worldwide leading application for traffic – and misdemeanor management. The application makes it possible to handle administrative controlling and coordination of all parking relevant aspects from one central place. Sphynnxx is already being used in more than 50 cities. The key is the automatic identification of the number plate (ANPR= Automatic Number Plate Recognition), which increases efficiency for parking space security.

EasyPark is Europe’s leading mobile parking system provider and driving force behind the ‘virtual parking meter’. In Scandinavia, EasyPark is being used in nearly every city for cashless parking. The company currently also provides its solution to about 20 German cities (i.e. Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Hanover, Duisburg etc.). Taking all issued licenses into account, EasyPark’s technology is being used in many more countries.

Andre Wielaard (CEO of Simac BA) describes the cooperation as followed: ”EasyPark has a significant market leadership in all 5 core markets. Because of that and their market experiences in this field, EasyPark is the ideal partner for us in order help us reach our internationalization goals. Furthermore, the synergies that evolve by combining our control technology with EasyPark’s mobile parking systems are cutting-edge.”

Johan Birgersson (CEO EasyPark Group) agrees and adds: ”‘Parking Excellence’ is an integral concept, which emphasizes Simac’s and EasyPark’s strengths. We are now able to offer custom-made and ready-for-use solutions to cities and private parking space providers, which offer an increase in efficiency, while lowering your costs.”

For further information:

Philipp Zimmermann, MD EasyPark Germany
+ 49 (0) 511 12359991 | philipp.zimmermann@easypark.net


Pdf: “Parking Excellence” to make splashy entrance to German market