EasyPark and Q-Park introduces phone parking for 70,000 parking spaces in Norway

EasyPark and Q-Park are launching the highly requested phone parking service together. The service allows the user to quickly and easily pay for parking. The service is now established for most municipalities with parking fees and for the majority of the private parking companies.

With EasyPark, the driver can simple start the parking via a mobile phone. The service allows the drivers to manage their parking from their mobile phones. This means that drivers can easily extend and terminate their parking as desired, as he or she will receive a free sms alert 15 minutes before the parking time expires. The EasyPark service offers flexible payment linked to both credit cards, gas cards, itemized invoices and mobile phone bills.

“Q-Park, one of Norway’s largest parking companies, has chosen to enter into an agreement with EasyPark to give our customers yet another alternative way to pay for their parking, i.e. their mobile phones. The technology and service which EasyPark has developed over several years has gained a strong foothold among the drivers in several major cities, both in Norway and abroad. We look forward to offering this service to our customers and we also look forward to good cooperation with EasyPark in the coming years,” says Tone Wicklund-Hansen, Managing Director of Q-Park.

EasyPark’s service is designed for both individuals and businesses. All transactions and parking expenses are gathered together and specified, thereby freeing time and money for the company as it will no longer have to spend unnecessary time on administration and reimbursement of parking expenses. Invoices are approved for auditing and accounting and the company will gain a good overview of all expenses relating to parking. For the employee, EasyPark will mean increased freedom and flexibility which makes it easier for individuals to concentrate on their work rather than worrying about parking time, complicated parking machines and threatening fines.

“EasyPark is proud to present a completed collaboration with Q-Park, as we are experiencing a strong market demand for this service. EasyPark will increase their coverage nationwide with approximately 70,000 parking spaces and we hope that the rest of the Norwegian car parks, who still don’t have this service, will come around to see the need in the market,” says Roy Jacobsen CM EasyPark Norway.


In case of any questions, please contact:

Roy Jacobsen, CM EasyPark Norway
+47 41 31 91 24 | roy.jacobsen@easypark.net


Pdf: EasyPark and the Q-Park introduces phone parking for 70,000 parking spaces in Norway